Your diet is the key to creating the body you want. Take an objective look at what you’re eating. Is it lean? Are you eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day? Are your carbs simple or complex? Are you drinking enough water and getting enough calcium? What do you snack on?

Review the Healthy Eating Plate by Harvard – is this what your diet looks like?

Nutritional keys to weight loss:

  • Replace “empty” simple carbohydrates with complex using The 3/5 Rule
  • Eat only lean proteins – actively minimize fat
  • Get plenty of calcium
  • Eat enough fruits & vegetables – 4 to 8 servings per day
  • Snack on fruits, vegetables, or 3/5 Rule bread, grain, or cereal
  • Eliminate sugary drinks
  • Drink plenty of water

How to gain weight:

  • Eat more calories than you need
  • Eat too many simple carbs – this will raise the glucose level in the blood which triggers insulin production. Insulin then tells fat cells to store energy

On the following graph, note the differences in your blood glucose response to various foods:

Blood Glucose


Whole grains don’t “spike” blood glucose like refined grains – this causes you to feel full longer and does not trigger fat storage.