The 4 Lean & Sexy Habits

    1. Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking
    2. Minimize snacking & only snack on fruit, vegetables, lean protein, or 3/5 Rule Carbs
    3. Don’t eat anything 2-1/2 hours before sleeping
    4. Prepare your own food most of the time

The 4 Lean & Sexy Food Choices

    1. Eat only lean protein & actively minimize fats
    2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables
    3. Get enough calcium & water
    4. Use the 3/5 Rule for all bread, cereals, pastas & grains

The 4 Lean & Sexy Values

    1. You always have a choice
    2. Reward yourself with clothes that fit not junk food
    3. Constant internal conversation
    4. Forgiveness of failure

Lean & Sexy Exercise

    • For weight loss: Get 1 hour of exercise each and every day – start with walking or something low impact
    • For maintenance: Get 1/2 hour of exercise daily

When your BMI gets below 30, add these to begin shaping your body

Move More, Eat Less In order to shed extra weight, 2 things are necessary;

    • More exercise
    • Fewer calories

A 1,200 to 1,500 calorie diet is what is required to promote weight loss. In addition, the metabolism needs to be put into high gear. In order to get the metabolism “fired up”, make sure that you eat breakfast within one hour of waking and exercise daily.

For maximum results, exercise for 1 hour per day – the goal is to burn an extra 400 to 500 calories per day. Try not to miss even a single day. Get obsessed about getting the exercise and eating right. Experiment with different foods.

Carbs – Choose complex over simple All simple carbs need to be replaced with complex carbs – breads, rice, cereals and pastas need to be whole grains.

Whole grains require the body to work harder to digest them and help to keep you feeling “full” for a longer period of time.

Lean Protein Proteins must be lean – we want our diet to be less about 25% fat. Why? Fat contains almost 250% more calories than lean protein. Fat contains 9 calories per gram while protein contains 4 calories per gram. The other downside to animal fats is that they adversely affect cholesterol.

Choose unsaturated fats like vegetable oils instead of saturated fat like butter. Chicken (without skin), turkey, fish, and legumes should be the primary protein choices.

Cooking fats and oils need to be minimized. Start using less oil for cooking and reduce the amount of saturated fats consumed – like butter, pork fat, and mayonnaise.

Prepare your own food most of the time. It’s much easier to create a sustainable lifestyle if you prepare your own food most of the time. Restaurant food, even vegetables, are loaded with fats and salt.

Fast foods need to be eliminated – the closest thing to “healthy” in a fast food restaurant is the grilled chicken sandwich. Sub sandwiches are the best fast food option – make sure you get the whole grain bread and don’t add any oils or mayo.

Chips and french fries must be eliminated – go for a piece of fruit instead.

Fruits and Vegetables Eat more fruits and vegetables. If you’re concerned about the amount of sugar in fruit, don’t be. The glycemic load of most fruits – a measure of how much sugar is in them – is actually low.

Enjoy 3 to 4  servings per day of fresh fruit. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and contain very few calories. Make your vegetable dishes colorful – the different colors are indicators of different nutrients.

Get at least 3 servings per day of vegetables but don’t add butter and minimize oils to your vegetables – added oils and fats are simply extra calories. Every little bit helps! Salads are not a very good option. Lettuce doesn’t contain much in nutrients, and, if salad dressing is added – the fat and calories from the dressing can make the salad as fatty and calorie laden as a Big Mac.

Keep a good supply of tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and green beans and add colorful peppers, yams and carrots. Minimize or eliminate potatoes and corn – they are very high in calories and low in nutrients.

The Mental Aspect The mental aspect is usually overlooked. It is hard to change old habits. Start by making a powerful visual goal.

    • “I want to feel proud of the way I look in a bikini”
    • “I want the energy to dance all night in my size 4 little black dress”
    • “I want people to notice my six pack abs at the beach”

Remember that you always have a choice. Don’t deny yourself anything. Get in the habit of saying to yourself, ” I choose not to have those fries because I want six pack abs instead”. Whenever you deny yourself something, feelings of resentment are inevitable.

Resentment will drive you back to your old habits. Reward success with clothes that fit well. Get rid of the old, fatty clothes. Don’t reward yourself with food – reward yourself with clothes that fit your leaner, sexier body instead.

Remember, we want to fundamentally change our food lifestyle – rewarding yourself with food reinforces the old habits.

Have a splurge meal once per week if you need to. At some point in the journey it is likely that you will fail. Forgive yourself and move on. Strive for perfection but forgive an occasional failure.