Abdominal workouts must contain multiple movements in order to develop all aspects of the abdominals; top, middle, bottom, and obliques. Conventional crunches only work the middle muscles of the abdominal group.



Great looking sexy abs will only be achieved if your BMI is 25 or below. 

Why? The layer of fat between the abs and the skin must be reduced in order for the muscles to show. This fat acts like a blanket that covers the abdominal muscles.

Sexy abs are 90% diet, 10% exercise. You can work abdominals every day, all day, and never see the results you want until you get lean.

Some people worry that working abominals will actually increase their waistline. Totally false. My waistline is now 2 inches smaller than it was at the same weight before working the abdominals. The abdominal muscles pull inward creating a smaller waist.

Getting ripped abs:

    • BMI below 25
    • Exhale during the “power stroke”…the major contraction part of the movement
    • Keep abdominals contracted during the entire exercise
    • Concentrate on using just the ab muscles – don’t “throw your body”
    • Start with 25 reps of each exercise, then work toward doing multiple sets
    • Perform this routine 2 times a week, maximum every other day. Abdominals, like any muscle, need recovery time for optimum¬†development.

Ultimate 8 Pack Abs Routine
I have found this workout to be extremely effective – it works top, bottom, middle, and obliques. Get ripped abs in 2 to 4 months using this workout if your BMI is 25 or below – great for both men & women.

Ultimate 8 Pack Abs Workout

Don’t know your BMI? Find out using this calculator: